Willms Organic – our new organic range for pork

Quality that pays off

The quality and certified safety of our products will meet your requirements. We are not only awarded the German organic "Bio-Siegel" badge, but also satisfy many other requirements for regulation, breeding and slaughtering.


Our organic raw materials follow a transparent process flow

We work with selected organic breeders that guarantee a way of keeping animals in accordance with strict, organic guidelines. Regular free range exercise, sufficient stable and resting areas that are covered with straw, and only organic non-GMO feed are standard here. Of course, the animals get to the slaughterhouse without unnessesary delays.

From production to delivery, fattening, slaughtering and butchering, all processes are handled transparently via the Willms group of companies.

Organic and conventional pig-keeping compared:

Keeping pigs according to biological guidelines has many advantages. Look for yourself:


Space requirements:

 At least 100% more space than required by law (1.5m²/animal)



Organic activity material, straw or comparable substrates, open area to burrow



 Stable with constant access to free range



Non GMO food. At least 20% from their own farm or from the local region.


Certified quality